HackEmory V: Emory's 5th Annual Hackathon


HackEmory V is the our 5th annual MLH-sponsored Hackathon at Emory University. 24 hours, with workshops, activities, mentors, awesome swag, and awesome people from all over Georgia and beyond.

If you are a hacker, follow us on facebook to keep updated. If you are a part of an organization or another hackathon group and want to partner with us in our future hackathons, please reach to us here

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- Teams can have any number of people (2-5 recommended)

- Teams must prepare a ~2 minute presentation/demo of their projects

- Members must be registered and physically present at HackEmory




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Davide Fossati
Emory University CS Department Professor

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Tyler Angert
Software Engineering Intern at IBM

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Annie Appleton
Atlanta City Lead for Make School

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Anna Klaussen
Make School Ambassador

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Bobby Thakkar
Dallas City Lead for Make School

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Stuart Zola
Emory Provost

Judging Criteria

  • Originality
    Is the hack original? Does it do something entirely new, or at least take a fresh approach to an old problem?
  • Usefulness
    Is the hack something some people would actually use? Does it fulfill a real need some people have?
  • Technical Difficulty
    Is the hack technically interesting or difficult? Were there real technical challenges to surmount?
  • Completeness
    Is the hack working? Does it have some kind of prototype/design?